You will be interested to know that the Farouk CHI Flat Iron was considered one of the best hair straighteners that you could own and use in the comfort of your own home. It is an extremely popular product and has received thousands of 5-star reviews all over the internet.

The beauty of this iron is in the simplicity of the design and the ease of use allowing you to quickly and easily style your hair in the manner that you want. Buy this product and never again will you have to resort to using the tedious combination of a blow dryer and a brush!

What will you really enjoy about the Farouk CHI Flat Iron?

  • All-in-one design that lets you curl, style and flip your hair.
  • Swivel cord with 360 degrees of motion lets you style your hair from any angle that you so desire.
  • Ceramic coating which means that there is even heating and no hot spots. Cheaper versions will have plastic or even glass surfaces which don’t perform nearly as well.
  • 1-inch plate size which gives you the best of both worlds. In general the shorter your hair the smaller plate size you will need but if you have really long hair then the plate size cannot really adjust accordingly without sacrificing a lot of control and versatility. In other words the 1-inch sizing is width that is going to satisfy the greatest number of people.
  • Extremely quick to heat up after turning it on. There is nothing worse than having an old hairstyling iron that takes an age to heat up, especially if you are in a rush to get ready.

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Farouk CHI Flat Iron Review

This flat iron is a good general purpose product in this category. It has most of the things that you want to see in a flat iron including a quck heat-up time and 360 degree motion swivel cord.

The asking price for the Farouk CHI may be up to 3 or 4 times more than what you are used to paying for those cheap supermarket models but it is definitely worth it from an effectiveness point of view.

It is perfect for maintaining straight hair for long periods of time, even if you live in humid conditions where curly and frizzy hair is a constant problem. Unless you have very unruly hair there is probably no need to use any of that anti-frizz hair treatment afterwards either.

Possible Downfalls

One of the main problems with the CHI flat iron is the fact that it only has one operating temperature of 392 degrees Fahrenheit. This may or may not be a problem for you and will greatly depend on your hair type.

For example if you have very thin or delicate hair you will probably want to to buy a flat iron that has multiple temperature settings, though usually you will end up paying more for this privilege. However, the use of some sort of hair straightening protectant cream will offset the lack of flexibility as far as temperature is concerned.

You will definitely know what your hair can and can’t stand up to and be able to make a decision from there.

Beware of Counterfeits

It is important that you buy from a reputable dealer because a large number of counterfeit CHI flat irons have been coming out of China and Hong Kong recently. Although Farouk recently won a multi-million dollar settlement against these organizations there will no doubt be some other shady operation to take their place.

Make sure you are buying and getting the real deal. There are various authenticity verification guides floating around on the internet and they are updated on a regular basis to ensure that honest people are always one step ahead of the people wanting to rip us off.

What are other women saying about the Farouk CHI Flat Iron?

As you can probably guess by now, this is the flat iron for choice for a large number of women. They praise it for being light weight and versatile and heating up quickly and evenly, which are the hallmarks of any good straightener.

It is a tad more expensive than a stock standard model but it is certainly affordable and many people were happy to pay the extra amount to get an appliance that actually lasts.

Perhaps it is let down slightly by the lack of an automatic shut off facility and the fact that it only works on US and Canadian voltage. If you were to take it overseas on holiday there is the likelihood that it wouldn’t work.


The Farouk CHI Flat Iron is the perfect all round flat iron for a very reasonable price. It is the ideal way to get that look you want without having to sacrifice a lot of time or effort.

Most women with normal hair may find that this is the only hair styling tool that you need, though there is no reason why you couldn’t combine it with one of the many Farouk hair straightening products or any other brand of hair nourishment cream for that matter.

If you are willing to forego the CHI customer service and warranty by buying from a reputable online dealer then you can certainly have your cake and eat it too by picking it up a great straightener for a great price.

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